What next?

You have gone through the Quickstart installation: at this point you should have a running Open edX platform. If you don’t, please follow the instructions from the Troubleshooting section.

Logging-in as administrator

Out of the box, Tutor does not create any user for you. You will want to create a user yourself with staff and administrator privileges in order to access the studio. There is a simple command for that.

Importing a demo course

To get a glimpse of the possibilities of Open edX, we recommend you import the official demo test course. Tutor provides a simple command for that.

Making Open edX look better

Tutor makes it easy to develop and install your own themes. We also provide Indigo: a free, customizable theme that you can install today.

Adding features

Check out the Tutor plugins, extra features and configuration/customization options.

Hacking into Open edX

Tutor works great as a development environment for Open edX developers, both for debugging and developing new features. Please check out the development documentation.

Deploying to Kubernetes

Yes, Tutor comes with Kubernetes deployment support out of the box.

Meeting the community

Ask your questions and chat with the Tutor community on the official community forums: https://discuss.overhang.io